We love our fans and can't say enough about the amazing people we have met throughout the years.

Check out some of our tour pics + an assortment of pics from our 2018 visit to the Twins Festival.


As a sibling duo, family has always been a big part of our act. Our parents and siblings were our first fans and still continue to support our efforts to this day.


We are so thankful for each one of them and can't imagine where we would be without their love and encouragement.


Clockwise from lower left: Brian, Lynnette, Kirk, Onda, Blain, & Mom

Clockwise from left: Blain, Blain's son Kyle, Brian, & Dad

We are the youngest of 5 children. Our parents, Robert and Marjory raised us in Greenville, a small rural town located in Western Ohio. We lost our father in 2006, but our Mother and oldest brother, Kirk still live in Greenville and our sisters live nearby in Dayton (Lynette) and Cincinnati (Onda).


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